London30 July 2014 - The Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), through the tourism office of the Philippine Embassy in London, sponsored the University of Sussex’s MOBIL 1 TEAM SUSSEX with the only Filipino driver, Jed Jalandoni.


As part of a team comprised of 29 engineering students, Jalandoni entered the Formula Student competition which pits teams of mechanical engineers against each other to design and build a single-seat car. The finished product was then put to the test at Silverstone Race Circuit in Northamptonshire and judged according to factors such as design,  acceleration and endurance, among others.


As MOBIL 1 TEAM SUSSEX approached international recognition, TPB decided to offer them a sponsorship of the highest range – platinum. This included only the best opportunities for the team such as uniforms and online coverage.


Out of all the teams at the event, MOBIL 1 TEAM SUSSEX was the only team that had a sponsorship from a country’s tourism brand campaign.


Embassy tourism staff were present at the event in Silverstone, handing out destination flyers to students while answering queries regarding tourism and of course, cheering for their sponsored team MOBIL 1 TEAM SUSSEX. END