30 March 2015 – The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh strongly reiterates the Philippine Government’s repeated advisories for Filipinos in Yemen to leave the country.

Filipinos are advised to contact the Embassy team currently in Sana’a at 730187540, 737426292, 730194165 and 733844958 for assistance for repatriation.

The Embassy notes that all commercial flights have been suspended, and the only means of travel is through government-assisted repatriation that must be arranged in advance. 

There will only be limited opportunities for repatriation.

The Embassy strongly urges all Filipinos to decide and act immediately, and to bring their original passport to the Embassy team which can be contacted at the above numbers and at the Movenpick Hotel in Sana’a.

The Embassy reported that some Filipinos had asserted that their employer guaranteed their repatriation in times of emergency or imminent danger.  Those concerned should immediately ask their employer to implement their repatriation plans. Otherwise, they may get in touch with the Crisis Management Team currently deployed in Yemen for repatriation assistance. END