I. The agency’s mandates and functions, names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information

a. Department of Foreign Affairs Mandate

b. Position, designation and contact information

b.1 PHL Embassies and Consulates

b.2 PHL Consulates with Honorary Officials

b.3 Regional Consular Offices

b.4 Home Office

II. Annual Report

a. Statement of Allotment, Obligation and Balances

a.1FY 2012(as of 30 November 2012)

a.2 FY 2011

a.3 FY 2010

b. Disbursement and Income

b.1 Disbursement

b.1.1 FY 2012

b.1.2 FY 2011

b.1.3 FY 2010

b.2 Income

b.2.1 FY 2012 (as 31 of October 2012)

b.2.2 FY 2011 (as of 31 December 2011)

b.2.3 FY 2010 (as of 01 April 2011)

c. Physical Plan

c.1 FY 2012

c.2 FY 2011

c.3 FY 2010

d. Financial Report of Operation

d.1 FY 2012

d.2 FY 2011

d.3 FY 2010

III. DFA Approved Budgets and Corresponding Targets

a. DFA Approved Budget

a.1 Approved Budget for FY 2012

a.2 Approved Budget for FY 2011

a.3 Approved Budget for FY 2010

IV. Major Programs/Projects Categorized in Accordance with the Five Key Results Areas Under E.O. No. 43, s.2011

a. Department's Performance Targets

V. The Program/Projects beneficiaries as Identified in the Applicable Special Provisions

VI. Status of Implementation and Program/Project Evaluation and/or Assesment Reports

VII. Annual Procurement Plan, contracts Awarded and the Name of contractors/Suppliers/Consultants

a. Annual Procurement Plan

a.1 CY 2013

a.2 CY 2012

a.3 CY 2011

b. Contracts Awarded and the Name of Contractors/Suppliers/Consultants

b.1 Procurement Projects Posted on PhilGEPS

b.2 CY 2012

b.3 Notices to Proceed end Approved Contracts

VIII. DFA Citizen's Charter