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Government-issued picture IDs such as the following:
Digitized SSS ID
Driver’s License
GSIS E-card
Digitized BIR ID
    • Senior Citizen’s ID
    • Other acceptable picture IDs such as the following:
    • Old College ID
    • Alumni ID
    • Old Employment IDs
LIST OF SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (At least 3 of the following):
    • Voter’s ID
    • NSO Marriage Contract
    • Land Title                                
    • Seaman’s Book                     
    • Elementary or High School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with readable dry seal
    • Government Service Record
    • NBI Clearance
    • Police Clearance
    • Barangay Clearance       
    • Old documents issued at least one year prior to date of application that show correct name, date and place of birth, picture and signature of applicant such as the following:
    • NSO Birth Certificate of child / children
    • SSS-E1 Form or Microfilmed Copy of SSS-E1 Form
    • Income Tax Return
    • Voter’s Certification, List of Voters and Voter’s Registration Record (for newly issued VRR, please attach receipt)
    • School Yearbook
    • Community Tax Certificate