Milan Pastoral Head For Foreign Migrants

05 June 2014 - Philippine Consul General Marichu Mauro visited the Archdiocese of Milan to meet the new Director of the Pastoral Council for Migrants, Father Alberto Vitali, who manages the office dedicated to promote migrants’ welfare on May 27.

Milan is home to a huge number of Filipino Catholics who play an active role in church activities with the support of the Archdiocese and the Filipino chaplaincies. Father Vitali commended Filipinos for being respectful, polite and organized which is appreciated by the Italians.

Father Vitali looks forward to strengthening the cooperation with the Consulate and the various Filipino Catholic groups in projects that will promote social unity and the common good of the entire Filipino community in Milan. He also intends, with the collaboration of the Filipino chaplains, to introduce programs for cultural integration.

The office of the Pastoral Council for Migrants facilitates the participation all foreign migrants in the church and provides pastoral care to Catholics from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

The Archdiocese of Milan, through the Pastoral Council for Migrants, supports the annual celebration in Milan of the Santa Cruzan in May and the Grand Simbang Gabi in December which are participated in by all the Catholic communities in Milan. END