Hk Unesco

30 April 2015 - Deputy Consul General Christian L. de Jesus, Consul Charles Andrei Macaspac and other officials from the Philippine  Consulate  General  in  Hong  Kong  SAR participated  in  UNESCO  Hong  Kong’s  2014-2015 Peacemakers’  Celebration,  the  culminating  activity and highlight of  “Fostering Global Citizenship” Youth Programme,  held  at  the  Hong  Kong  Science  and Technology Park, Shatin, New Territories on April 18.

The Peacemakers’ Celebration showcased presentations from various schools and  community organizations in promoting peace and intercultural understanding in the   community. Participants enjoyed a variety of engaging activities which included exhibits, cultural performances and cultural discovery workshops promoting peace and global citizenship.

The “Fostering Global Citizenship” Youth Programme supports Hong Kong’s youth in becoming better global citizens  by  engaging  them  in  local  and  international communities  in  schools,  community  organizations, Consulates General and chambers of commerce.

The  Philippine  Consulate  General  together  with  the Consulates  General  of  Malaysia  and  India  set  up booths exhibiting tourism, culture and products.

Various  primary  and  secondary  schools  also  had booths  representing  different  countries  around  the world.

The  YMCA  Christian  College  Music  Society  led  by former   Philippine   Madrigal    Singer,   Ms.   Agnes Quilicot,   rendered   Filipino   songs   during   cultural presentations. END