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22 July 2016 — The Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur reported that Filipino musical talent was on its finest as it wowed Malaysian audiences in two separate events on July 16.  The Balon Dagupan...


4 May 2015 - The Philippine Embassy in Berne welcomed Messrs. Urs Lustenberger and Alexander Ospelt as Philippine Honorary Consuls in Zurich and Liechtenstein, respectively on April 28.

Ambassador Leslie J. Baja administered the oath of office to both Honorary Consular Officers, and expressed confidence that Messrs. Lustenberger and Ospelt shall look after the interests of Filipinos and promote economic relations in their respective areas of jurisdiction. 

The oath taking ceremony was immediately followed by a daylong briefing at the Embassy for the Philippine Honorary Consular Officers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The briefing presented a unique opportunity for active interaction between the officers and staff of the Embassy, and Consul, a.h. Lustenberger and Consul, a.h. Ospelt and their respective support staff, on their roles and the expectations from them. 

Ambassador Baja in his remarks during the briefing informed all Honorary Consular Officers that they are part of “Team Philippines” in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, highlighting the need to ensure compliance with the “One Country Team Approach.”  He called on them to work with the Embassy in a consultative, cooperative and coordinated manner in the pursuit of national development goals, within the context of the three (3) pillars of Philippine foreign policy.

During the planning session, the Honorary Consuls and their support staff were briefed on, among others, their respective functions and responsibilities as an Honorary Consular Officer.

The daylong session allowed Embassy officers to discuss specific topics with the Honorary Consular Officers concerning the Filipino community and other matters in connection with their function.  END

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