24 June 2014 – The Filipino European Migrants International Chess Academy (FEMICA), with the support of Philippine Ambassador to Italy Virgilio A. Reyes, Jr., conducted a chess clinic/seminar for Filipino children last June 15 at the Philippine Embassy in Rome.


FEMICA President and International Chess Master Virgilio Vuelban conducted the seminar which highlighted the academic and social benefits of chess to children as proven by many scientific studies and research. 


The children were taught the basic opening principles of chess, the importance of controlling the center, and the development of pieces.


The Embassy encourages all the youth and second-generation Filipinos, as well as their parents, to continue devoting time to educational activities that promote analytical thinking in children.


FEMICA, in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy and the National Chess Federation of the Philippines, is promoting the game of chess as a tool for children education for them discover their individual talent with the hope of someday producing the next Chess International/Grand Master from the Filipino community in Italy. END