25 July 2014 - The Philippine Consulate General wishes to inform the public that in keeping with the intensified drive to register as many voters as possible for overseas voting in the 2016 presidential elections, all Filipinos who will avail of passport and consular services will now automatically go through overseas voters registration.


The additional service, which is free, will also extend to the Consulate General’s mobile consular outreach missions to other areas under its jurisdiction, namely, the provinces of Winnipeg and Saskatchewan. Other consular services in outreach missions include application for renewal of passports, notarials, fingerprint capturing for NBI, application for “balikbayan” visas, and reports of marriage and birth.


The automatic voter registration will allow Filipinos and dual citizens who have reacquired Philippine citizenship in Toronto, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan to vote in the national elections in May 2016.  The service also responds to the notable increase in OV registrations, which placed the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto at the second-highest rank of Philippine Foreign Service Posts all over the world in terms of OV registrants.

In the past, Toronto PCG administered elections by postal voting.  For the 2016 presidential elections, COMELEC is yet to determine the mode of voting.


During overseas voters registration, please bring the original or photocopy of your valid Philippine passport or Certificate of Identity for dual citizens. END