Milan Cheese

18 March 2015 – The Philippine Consulate General in Milan met with the officials  of the Chamber of Commerce of Cremona, CEEP (Cremona Executive Education Program), and and private businessmen of Cremona.

The meeting was organized upon the initiative of Professor Fabio Antoldi of CEEP. He gave a presentation introducing Cremona as a city of agricultural excellence. 

The Consulate General representatives had the chance to visit the Auricchio cheese factory, a leading manufacturer of provolone cheese. Auricchio will be part of the CEEP study tour to show excellence in safety, production and packaging of food.

Cremona is a small city in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. It belongs to the top five of Italy’s agricultural production such as in wheat, soy beans, barley, cheese, tomato processing, and corn silage, among others. Cremona economy boasts of a network of small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors in food industries, which include salted meat, sweets (torrone), vegetable oils, provolone cheese and pickled fruit.

Cremona is the hometown of Antonio Stradivari and is, therefore, famous for the art of violin-making that is considered by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as an intangible heritage. END