DFA Brings Home 78,809 Filipinos Since the COVID-19 Outbreak

OFs 1

PASAY CITY 11 July 2020 — This week, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) facilitated the return of 10,369 overseas Filipinos (OFs) from various regions around the world. This brings the total number of DFA repatriated OFs to 78,809 since the government began its COVID-19 repatriation efforts in February 2020.

Of this number, 47.16 percent (37,166 OFs) are sea-based and 52.84 percent (41,643 OFs) are land-based, with the most recent repatriates arriving from France, the Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the USA, and Vietnam yesterday.

The DFA continues to facilitate more flights from the Middle East which is home to over 2 million overseas Filipinos. This week, the DFA brought home 6,681 fellow Filipinos from the said region by facilitating nine flights from the UAE, seven flights from Saudi Arabia, three flights from Qatar, two from Bahrain, and one from Kuwait.

The DFA also assisted in the return of 1,628 stranded Filipinos from the Asia-Pacific region, particularly from Hong Kong SAR, the Maldives, Myanmar, South Korea and Sri Lanka.

The return of our stranded seafarers from Europe also continues as the DFA facilitated the repatriation of 1,204 sea-based workers who arrived from Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Turkey.

Finally, the DFA mounted five chartered flights this week using its Assistance-to-Nationals fund, which brought home 1,323 overseas Filipinos from Japan, Pakistan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The DFA, together with its Philippine embassies, consulates and attached agencies around the world, remains fully committed to bringing home our nationals abroad amid the COVID-19 pandemic. END