Phl Jeepney Stand, Tinikling Folk Dance, Attracts Chileans at the 2nd ASEAN Fair Held in Santiago

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PH Embassy Chargé D'Affaires, Marcos Punsalang with the Ambassadors of Thailand and Indonesia

04 August 2017 SANTIAGO — With a booth in the shape of the iconic jeepney, the Philippine Embassy in Santiago drew the attention of Chileans at the 2nd ASEAN Fair in Santiago. The fair, organized by the ASEAN Committee in Santiago (ACS), was held at the Indonesian Embassy in Chile on July 27 from 01 to 06 pm and attended by over 2000 people. Chileans were treated to classic Filipino favorites such as the pancit, adobo, buko pandan and yema at the Philippine booth.

The Mayor of Providencia, Santiago, Ms. Evelyn Matthei was one of the first to visit the Philippine booth and tried the Filipino-style empanada. She promptly declared, “Your empanada is much, much better than ours!” The food and drinks were in high demand and were sold out by the end of the day.

The ASEAN fair was inaugurated by ACS Chair, Ambassador Philemon Arobaya of Indonesia and Mayor Evelyn Matthei. Members of the diplomatic corps and officials from the Foreign Ministry of Chile and the local government graced the occasion.

All five ASEAN countries represented in Chile held cultural shows throughout the event. The Philippines presented the dance Tinikling, performed by members of the Filipino community; a demonstration of Filipino-martial arts Kali by members of the Petiki Tirsia Kali Group of Santiago; and a cooking demonstration of the maja blanca.

The ASEAN Committee in Santiago is composed of the Embassies of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. END

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Chileans are introduced to the Philippine jeepney with the PH booth;

Handicrafts from the PH and brochures on doing business and tourism in the PH are prominently featured at the Fair.