PHL Embassy in Nairobi Highlights 2nd ASEAN Festival

Nairobi ASEAN 1

Philippine Embassy staff performs “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” dance.

26 September 2017 NAIROBI - The Philippine Embassy in Nairobi joined the Indonesian, Thai and Malaysian Embassies/High Commission in holding the 2nd ASEAN Festival at The Hub, Karen Nairobi, Kenya on September 24.

The event marks the second time that the ASEAN Nairobi Committee held an event showcasing the rich, unique and diverse culture of the four ASEAN nations. Guest of Honor Ambassador Christopher Chika of the Asia and Australasia Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the event, which drew more than double of last year’s, will “foster a better and stronger relationship between Kenya and the four participating ASEAN countries.”

Ambassadors and High Commissioners from Pakistan, Russia, Spain, Turkey and Serbia also attended and praised the organizers of the event.

The Philippines presented the various clothing attires of its indigenous tribes like Igorot and T’boli as well as the Spanish-influenced baro’t saya, barong Pilipino and even a Jaki Penalosa-designed Maria Clara-inspired wedding gown.

In another spectacular cultural performance reminiscent of last year’s event, Post’s staff showcased various Philippine festivals and fiestas including ati-atihan, flower festival, maskara, kadayawan and dinagyang. The spectacle ended with a show stopping dance performance of “It’s more fun in the Philippines” theme. The spouse of the Serbian Ambassador commented that the Philippines “is very lucky for having a very talented staff.”

Also participating in behalf of the Philippines was the newly-formed Filipino band “Imbento” which performed five classic songs such as “Manila” and “With a Smile.” Their performance drew cheers and admiration from the crowd who sought for them to perform more songs. END

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Nairobi ASEAN 2

The Philippine Embassy officers, staff spouses and members of the Filipino Community at the 2nd ASEAN Festival.

Nairobi ASEAN 3

The Ambassadors and High Commissioners of the ASEAN Nairobi Committee joined by their spouses and the Ambassadors and High Commissioners of Russia, Pakistan, Turkey and Serbia.