PH Embassy, Permanent Mission in Vienna Celebrates Independence Day

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Ambassador to Austria Maria Cleofe R. Natividad welcomes guests to celebration of the 120th anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine independence, and lays down the Embassy’s vision of becoming the science diplomacy center of the Philippine Foreign Service, a vision that is in line to achieving the country’s goal as set by President Rodrigo Duterte’s AmBisyon Natin 2040. (Vienna PE photo)

VIENNA 05 July 2018 —  The Philippine Embassy and Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Vienna celebrated the 120th anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine Independence at Marriott Hotel in 11 June 2018. The event was well attended by both the diplomatic corps and members of the Filipino community.

Austrian Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Chief of Protocol Enno Drofenik, and Philippine  House of Representatives, Deputy Speaker Linabelle Ruth Villarica graced the event.

Ambassador to Austria Maria Cleofe R. Natividad defined the evening’s theme: The Struggle for Change, Towards an Abundant Future. This resonates with the current administration’s vision for the Philippines in AmBisyon Natin 2040, a time where the Philippines and its people are economically secure. The country is currently in a demographic sweet spot to make the great leap under a conducive policy environment. 

According to the Ambassador, to further realize President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s vision, there should be a shift towards a strong science-based curriculum, as economic growth and development are often results of a country steeped in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics initiatives. 

Taking this lead, and the fact that most science-based organizations are established in UN Vienna, the Embassy’s vision is to become the science diplomacy hub of the Philippine foreign service.

Ambassador Natividad believes that the Embassy is perfectly situated to provide relevant opportunities, scientific trainings and support to Filipinos.   And with the history of Philippines and Austria on people-to-people exchanges, with no less than Dr. Jose Rizal as the principal model, the Ambassador is confident that this can be achieved.

The “Embassy ID” was also officially launched during the celebration. The ID serves as the Embassy’s primer and contains its history and goals.

Key members of the Filipino Community has began requesting for copies of the video, enthused by Post’s vision and raring to help partner in achieving this.

The event was also a venue for the Philippine Embassy and Friends Chorale to present its debut performance, starting the program off with the singing of the Philippine National anthem, and closing it with the finale song, Tagumpay Nating Lahat. Ms. Eunice De Lima served as the group’s stage and music director.

Guests feasted on Filipino culinary delights such as chicken lumpia, tinolang manok, adobong manok, pinakbet, chicken satay, grilled fish, custard cakes, and banana fritters. But the hands down, biggest hit of the night were the dried mangoes which were served with wine. END

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Ambassador Natividad welcomes members of the diplomatic corps. (Vienna PE photo)

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The Ambassador poses with members of the Filipino community. (Vienna PE photo)

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Ambassador Natividad with the PH Honorary Consul and Consuls General (from right) Dr. Davor Stern, Croatia; Ingr. Pavol Konstiak, Slovak Republic; Mr. Srečko Debelak, Slovenia; and Dr. Christian Traweger, Austria. (Vienna PE photo)