PHL Consulate General in HK Commemorates Rizal Day

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Philippine Consulate General officers, personnel, and members of Filipino Community organizations Lakbay Dangal and Damayan OFW-Hong Kong during the wreath-laying ceremony at Dr. Jose Rizal’s former residence at Rednaxela Terrace.

04 January 2017 HONG KONG — The Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong SAR commemorated Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s 121st death anniversary on 30 December 2017 with wreath-laying ceremonies at Rednaxela Terrace and D’Aguilar Street. 

Rizal and his family lived at Rednaxela Terrace when he practiced medicine between 1891 and 1892 in Hong Kong. His clinic was located at D’Aguilar Street in Central Hong Kong. Markers have been placed by the Hong Kong Antiquities Authority at these locations to memorialize their historical significance.

During the wreath-laying ceremonies, the Consulate honored Rizal’s genius, patriotism and heroism, and emphasized that similar to many Filipinos in Hong Kong, Rizal was a migrant himself, and he made his time in the Territory worthwhile as an ophthalmologist and continued to write what was supposed to be his third novel, after Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.     

Members of the Lakbay Dangal, a Filipino community organization promoting Philippine history and heritage in Hong Kong, and Damayan OFW-Hong Kong also attended the event. END

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PCG personnel laying a wreath at Rednaxela Terrace.

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Group photo during the wreath-laying ceremony at D’Aguilar Street where Dr. Jose Rizal’s clinic once stood.