PHL Consulate General in Toronto Commemorates 121st Anniversary of Rizal Martyrdom

Toronto 1 

Consul Edwin Gil Mendoza delivers his Inspirational Message to the KOR Canada officials and members.

09 January 2018 TORONTO — The 121st anniversary commemoration of the martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal organized by the Knights of Rizal Canada (KOR) was held at the Ashbury & West United Church Social Hall, Toronto on 30 December 2017. PCG Toronto’s Consul Edwin Gil Mendoza and Consular Assistant Bong Baranda attended the event.

The celebration was highlighted by the wreath-laying ceremony with the wreaths laid in front of the bust of Dr. Jose Rizal by KGOR Region Commander Sir Eduardo Prillo, Consul Mendoza, the LKoR Ladies and other guests. 

In his message, Consul Mendoza pointed out that Dr. Rizal’s achievements and ideas are renowned across the globe and in Canada, overseas Filipinos have honored him in many ways including putting up a bust at Earbales Park in Toronto, and having roads named after him including Rizal Avenue in Markham and Dr. Jose Rizal Way in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He also enjoined the group to review Rizal’ works and teachings as these provide insights on ways to face current problems and bring genuine change in society. 

The program also witnessed the Knighting Ceremony of nine new members of the KOR Canada Region which was presided over by Sir Prillo and Sir Manny Yanga. END

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Toronto 2

KGOR Sir Manny Yanga leads the oath-taking by the new members of the Knights of Rizal Canada Region