WWII Veteran Recounts Valor of Filipino Soldiers in “Never Surrender”

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Dr. Raquel Ramsey and Philippine Consul General to Hawaii Gina Jamoralin, in front of a painting depicting Col. Ramsey leading the last US cavalry charge with US and Filipino Scouts during the defense of Bataan in WW II. (photo credits: Dr Raquel Ramsey)

11 January 2018 HONOLULU — Col. Edwin P. Ramsey, US Army and leader of the 26th Cavalry, Philippine Scouts, who led the last cavalry charge in the US Army on January 16, 1942 in Morong, Bataan, recounted the bravery of the Philippine Scouts during World War II in the film “Never Surrender.”.  Col. Ramsey, who passed away in 2013, praised the Filipino soldiers of World War II with whom he fought side by side in the jungles of Bataan.

When Bataan fell, Col. Ramsey formed the Filipino guerilla forces who continued their resistance against the Japanese. When Gen. Douglas Mc Arthur returned to the Philippines, McArthur awarded him with the Distinguished Service Cross on June 13, 1945 amidst the rubble of Manila.

Dr. Raquel Ramsey, widow of Col. Ramsey, who is based in Los Angeles, invited the Philippine Consulate General officers and staff and Filipino veterans in Hawaii to a reception and film showing of “Never Surrender” at Hale Koa Hotel in Honolulu on December 29, 2017. Mrs. Ramsey and family members and friends flew all the way from the US mainland and Canada to attend the event. Philippine Consul General Gina Jamoralin thanked Dr. Ramsey for the opportunity of getting to know Col. Ramsey through the film. The film also brought back memories of her late grandfather, Private First Class Adriano Alagon, who was also a Philippine Scouts and US Army who fought in Bataan but died as a POW in a Japanese prison camp in 1944.

The US Congress in recognition of the valor and bravery of the Filipino soldiers awarded the Filipino World War II Veterans Congressional Gold Medal to Filipino veterans in a ceremony held in October 25, 2017 in Washington DC. END

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Consul General Gina Jamoralin with her mother and niece (extreme left) holding photo of her late grandfather  father, Private First Class  Adriano Alagon, Philippine Scouts, US Army, died as POW in 1944; together with Dr. Raquel Ramsey, widow of Col. Edwin Ramsey and family friend (photo credits: Dr. Ramsey)

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With Doug Ramsey, son of Col. Edwin Ramsey (seated)