PH Ambassador Lauds Russian Novel Inspired By and Set in the Philippines

Moscow Book

Mr. Boris Kalashnikov, author of “The Black Island,” (left) and Philippine Ambassador to Russia Carlos D. Sorreta engage in a lively discussion about the author’s experiences while living in the Philippines and other parts of Asia which inspired the creation of his novel. (S. Pamocol photo)

MOSCOW 11 July 2018 – The Philippine Embassy in Moscow held a book presentation on 20 June 2018 for Mr. Boris Kalashnikov, a Russian journalist, retired diplomatic worker, and author of “The Black Island”—an action thriller novel with characters and settings inspired by his stay in the Philippines from 2004 to 2010.

The book was published in Russian by EXMO, one of Russia’s largest publishing companies.

During the presentation, a brief section of the book translated into English was read out, followed by a Q&A and book signing ceremony.

Philippine Ambassador to Russia Carlos D. Sorreta welcomed Ms. Kalashnikov and wife Mrs. Tatyana Kalashnikova to the Embassy, and praised Mr. Kalashnikov’s book.

“I strongly believe that literature and pop culture can bring Russians and Filipinos closer. These play an important role in people’s perception. For instance, until very recently, Filipinos’ perception of Russia was heavily and almost solely influenced by Hollywood films,” Ambassador Sorreta said.

Ambassador Sorreta also expressed his wish that Kalashnikov and other Russian writers consider having their literary works published in English for Filipino readers. He also hoped that Philippine writers could likewise have more exposure to Russia.

At the conclusion of the program, the Ambassador presented Kalashnikov with a certificate of appreciation for his promotion of the Philippines through his novel, “The Black Island.” END

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