PH Booth Popular with Poles at PTAK Warsaw Expo

warsaw ptak 1

Philippine Embassy in Warsaw Cultural Officer Imelda de Joya points to the different tourist attractions using the Polish version of the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” brochure. (Warsaw PE photo)

WARSAW 06 December 2018 — Over 1,500 Poles visited the Philippine booth mounted by the Philippine Embassy in Warsaw during the third edition of the International Tourism Trade Fair (ITTF) and World Travel Show 2018 in PTAK Warsaw Expo held from 19 to 21 October 2018.

The Philippine booth spotlighted the beauty and diverse attractions of the country ranging from the Banaue Rice Terraces in the north to the Puerto Princesa Underground River in the south.

The booth also displayed different cultural items such as the Philippine national costumes barong Tagalog and baro’t saya, tinalak fabrics, tingkop or rice containers from Palawan, and miniature jeepneys. A demonstration of how the Filipino native game of sungka is played was also held at the booth. Several books about the Philippines were likewise displayed for browsing.

A demonstration of Filipino martial arts arnis was held by the officers and members of Arnis de Mano Poland, an organization which provides arnis training and founded by Mr. Piotr Adam Duchnik.

On 20 October 2018, the Embassy treated the booth visitors to a tasting session of the Filipino dish adobo and mango juice, cooked and prepared by Ms. Neneng Martin.

In the Embassy team’s post-event assessment, it was noted that a significant number of booth visitors had been to the Philippines and expressed desire to return to explore other tourist destinations in the country. END

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Mr, Mariusz Dudzicki (left), clad in “barong tagalog,” answered questions from his Polish compatriots and provided information about travel to and within the Philippines as well as about the country’s places of interest for tourists. (Warsaw PE photo)

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Poles had fun posing for photos with the panoramic view of the Banaue rice terraces; Philippine national costumes such as the “barong tagalog” for men and “baro at saya” for women were also displayed at the booth whose layout and design were done by Cultural officer Ms. de Joya. (Warsaw PE photo)

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A one hour-tasting session of Filipino dish “adobo” and mango juice was held on Saturday; photo shows Ms. Neneng Martin (at the back, on the right) assisting the Ambassador serve “adobo” (Warsaw PE photo)

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A demonstration of Filipino martial arts “arnis” was held by officer and members of the organization Filipino Arnis de Mano Poland whose president is Mr. Piotr Adam Duchnik; from left to right are: Ms. Marta Podsiadlik , Mr. Sebastian Pierzchala, Mr. Piotr Adam Duchnik (center in black shirt) and Ms. Malgozata Kryst. (Warsaw PE photo)