PH Ambassador to Turkey Meets with Turkish Aerospace Industries President


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Ambassador-designate to Turkey Raul S. Hernandez (left) and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) President/CEO Professor Temel Kotil (right) held discussions at TAI’s thirty-hectare technological facility in Ankara for research and development as well as the manufacture and assembly of helicopters, jets, unmanned aerial vehicles, among others. (Ankara PE photo)


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Professor Kotil briefed the Embassy of its T129 ATAK helicopters, which are designed for advanced attack and reconnaissance missions in hot and high environments and rough geography in both day and night conditions. (Ankara PE photo)


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The TAI President/CEO also mentioned the company’s readiness to engage with counterparts overseas, including the Philippines.  TAI is willing to support the Philippines in its modernization program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The Philippines and Turkey have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Defense Industry Cooperatıon on 18 December 2018 in Manila. (Ankara PE photo)


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