Filipino Participants in Web Summit 2019 Enjoy Warm Welcome in Lisbon



Philippine Ambassador to Portugal Celia Anna (front row, sixth from left) with (first row left to right) Chief People Officer of Coindrop, Mylene Sardinia, WiTech, Aileen Loret Pe, Human Resource Specialist, Kristina Torrefranca, CEO and Executive Director of WiTech, Audrey Pe, CEO of Work Remote, June Bolneo, CEO of Coindrop, Christina Concepcion, Chapter head of Women in Tech-Portugal Chapter, Cláudia Silva, Women in Tech-United Kingdom Chapter, Canyce Costa, Third Secretary and Vice-Consul Maria Flordeliza A. Tuiza, NuSkin, Jenipher Mourão, Director and Commercial Attaché Froilan Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Paris, Emil D. Pamintuan, Managing Director of DevCon, Shumate Royo. (Second row, left to right) Minister and Consul General to Portugal Gines Jaime Ricardo D. Gallaga, Chief Revenue Officer of Coindrop, Manuel Garcia-Ramos, CEO of aDiplomata, Michael Day, Vlogger, Carlos Boura Sampaio, WiTech, Oliver Chan Pe, CTO of Coindrop, Bing Brian Tan, Chief Research of Indigo Research, Miguel Feria, Solutions Design Manager, Carlos Melo Mourão, and COO of Indigo Research, Marica Uchida,. (Lisbon PE photo)


LISBON 25 November 2019 —Philippine participants to Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal were treated to a welcome dinner by Ambassador to Portugal Celia Anna M. Feria at the Altis Grand Hotel in Lisbon on 05 November 2019.

Now on its fourth year, the Web Summit is an annual technology conference held in Lisbon, Portugal and is considered to be the largest and most important tech event in the world.  The conference gathers the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast growing startups, policymakers, and heads of states.  The conference's topics are focused on internet technologyemerging technologies, and venture capitalism.

In the 2019 edition Web Summit, Philippine companies were well represented. During the four-day event, the following Philippine startup and tech companies and individuals attended the conference: Coindrop, a two-year old startup that aims to provide a platform of various financial services to Filipinos upon enrolment by their employers into the system; DEVCON, a non-profit organization which aims to promote the Filipino IT Talent by providing a unique venue for IT students, educators, and professionals; Indigo Research, the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) research company in the Philippines with focus on natural language processing, computer vision, and applied complex systems in AI; Audrey Pe of Women in Tech (WiTech), an 18-year-old who advocates  gender equality in the tech industry as well as encourages the youth to consider a career path in tech; and Amanda Dominguez of ConsenSys, a New York-based blockchain expert who was involved in the participation of the Philippines at the RISE in Hong Kong, the largest tech event in Asia; and June Bolneo, London-based CEO of WorkRemote, who has helped remote workers and companies that are willing to hire remotely since 2012.

During the dinner, Filipino participants agreed that the Web Summit provided an inspiring global platform where they can network actively with great and like-minded tech practitioners at a grander scale. The participants recommended that there should be more active Philippine startups for the 2020 edition of Web Summit.  This will give networking possibilities for various Philippine startups, including access to pitching, mentoring, and learning from other established startups.

The dinner was also attended by key opinion leaders from the technology sector in Portugal as well as Director and Commercial Attaché Froilan Emil D. Pamintuan of the Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Paris.  It gave an opportunity for both the Philippine participants and the key opinion leaders to discuss developments in the tech industry.

In this year’s Web Summit, there were 70,000 attendees, 11,000 CEOs, 8,500 developers, and more than 2,000 startups representing AI and machine learning, e-commerce and retail, and enterprise software solutions, among others. END



Left to right: Blockchain expert Amanda Dominguez, Director and Commercial Attaché of PTIC-Paris, Froilan Emil D. Pamintuan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Coindrop Cristina Concepcion, Ambassador to Portugal Celia Anna M. Feria, Women in Tech-Portugal chapter representative Claudia Mendes Silva, and WiTech’s Audrey Pe. (Lisbon PE photo)



Left to right: Chief Technocolgy Officer (CTO) of Coindrop, Bing Brian Tan, Solutions Design Manager of Nestle, Carlos Melo Mourão, Chief Researcer of Indigo Research, Miguel Feria, Vice President of Business Development of Snips, Javier Aguera, Minister and Consul General to Portugal Gines Jaime Ricardo D. Gallaga, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WorkRemote, June Bolneo, Chief Operation Officer (COO) of Indigo Research, Marica Uchida, and Carlos Boura Sampaio. (Lisbon PE photo)



Left to right: Human Resource Specalist, Katrina Torrefranca, Chief People Officer of Coindrop, Mylene Sardinia, Managing Director of DEVCON, Shumate Royo, Chief Revenue Officer of Coindrop, Manuel Garcia-Ramos, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of aDiplomata, Michael Day, and Candyce Costa of Women in Tech – UK Chapter. (Lisbon PE photo)



Philippine participants of Web Summit 2019 and key opinion leaders of the Portuguese technology sector discuss and exchange ideas on the development of the tech industry. (Lisbon PE photo)


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