PH Consulate General Coordinates Repatriation of 176 OFWs from Menzies Macau Airport Services and Other Organizations

 Macau ATN 1 

PHOTO: The Philippine Consulate General in Macau SAR, China and its attached agencies assist in the repatriation of 176 Overseas Filipino Workers whose contracts were no longer renewed on 29 June 2020.

Photo shows Philippine Consul General to Macau Lilybeth R. Deapera (center) and Assistance-To-Nationals Officer Antonio Allam Jr. (foremost right) discuss with a member of the community who brought the luggage of an overstaying passenger who was in detention. (Macau PCG photo)

 Macau ATN 2

Welfare Officer Susie Santos (second from right)) gives last minute briefing to some of the repatriates. (Macau PCG photo)

 Macau ATN 3

Officers and staff of the Philippine Consulate General discuss with Mr. Mark Campbell, Managing Director of Menzies Macau International Airline, the repatriation. (Macau PCG photo)

  Macau ATN 4

Mr. Rodolgo Hilot assists a repatriate with her luggage. (Macau PCG photo)

 Macau ATN 5

Philippine Consulate General staff look on while the remaining passengers check in. (Macau PCG)

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