PH Embassy in Yangon Repatriates 17 Filipinos on Special Relief Flight to PH

Yangon 1

Myanmar Airways International (MAI) ground crew performs body temperature checks of passengers before allowing them to check in. (Yangon PE photo)

YANGON 07 July 2020 – A total of 17 stranded Filipinos in Myanmar joined the special repatriation flight from Yangon to Manila organized by the Philippine Embassy in Yangon in coordination with Myanmar Airways International (MAI). The relief flight departed Yangon International Airport for Manila at 8:00 A.M. on 05 July 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the passengers lost their jobs or have not had their contracts renewed by their employers. Four of the passengers who joined the flight had been working in Grand Andaman Hotel in Kawthaung, a town located in the Tanintharyi Region of Myanmar, 802km away from Yangon. Their hotel, as with others in the hospitality industry, had been negatively impacted by the pandemic due to lack of tourists. Another four of the passengers are pregnant women who have chosen to go back to the Philippines to give birth in their respective provinces. END

 Yangon 2

Filipino passengers line up at the check-in counter for the special relief flight with Myanmar Airways International. (Yangon PE photo)

Yangon 3 

Filipinos practice physical distancing while waiting to board their flight. (Yangon PE photo)

 Yangon 4

Myanmar Airways International (MAI) crew wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) brief passengers on flight procedures as passengers are seated apart from each other to enforce physical distancing measures. (Yangon PE photo)

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