A Call For A Sustained Business Collaboration Between The Philippines and Canada Amidst Pandemic

 amba robles pctc

Ambassador Rodolfo D. Robles (left most, bottom row) welcomed participants to a networking webinar sponsored by the Philippines Canada Trade Council (PCTC) of Vancouver.


OTTAWA, 05 April 2021 - Ambassador Rodolfo D. Robles urges the business communities in the Philippines and Canada to continue their engagement to disseminate information, facilitate communication, and mitigate pandemic restrictions that impede the movement of trade and services as he opened a webinar organized by the Philippines Canada Trade Council (PCTC) on 25 March 2021. The webinar featured B2Gold Vice President for Government Relations Neil Reeder who spoke of the operations of B2Gold in Masbate and previously served as Canada‚Äôs Ambassador to the Philippines. 

PCTC is an association of business leaders in Ottawa and nearby areas. END

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