PH Embassy in Yangon Facilitates the Return of 53 Filipinos to Manila

Yangon 1

Philippine Embassy in Yangon personnel fully clad in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) facilitate orderly check-in process for Filipino repatriates. (Yangon PE photo)

YANGON 05 August 2021 – The Philippine Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar in cooperation with Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) repatriated 53 distressed Filipinos (28 men and 25 women) including three children and one infant to the Philippines on 03 August 2021.

The Philippine Embassy, in close coordination with the Department of Foreign Affairs - Office of Migrant Workers' Affairs, shouldered the cost of one-way airfare from Yangon to Manila for 30 Filipinos in need of assistance. The Embassy also provided four Filipinos from Thahtay Kyun Island (660 kilometers from Yangon) and eight Filipinos from Mandalay region (625 kilometers from Yangon) with land transportation to and temporary accommodation in Yangon to join the repatriation flight. The Embassy also paid for the overstay penalties of one Filipino who lost his job due to the pandemic. 

This is the twentieth flight facilitated by the Embassy since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. END

Yangon 2

Filipinos practice social distancing while boarding for their flight. (Yangon PE photo)

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