Pinoy Entrepreneurship Thrives as New Spot for Filipino Food Opens in Vancouver Amidst Pandemic  

 grpd vancouver shameless buns

 Clients lineup for the soft opening of Shameless Buns restaurant in Vancouver on 06 August 2021. (Photos from Vancouver PCG)

VANCOUVER, 09 August 2021 – The Filipino spirit of entrepreneurship thrives amidst the pandemic as “Shameless Buns” Restaurant, a new destination for Filipino food lovers in Vancouver, opened on 07 August 2021. Owned by Matt Brennan and Corvette Romero, the Shameless Buns Restaurant is an offshoot of their Jeepney-inspired Filipino food truck with the same name, which started running the streets of Vancouver 2 years ago.

In a visit to the restaurant on 06 August 2021 for its soft opening, Vancouver PCG led by Philippine Consul General Maria Andrelita S. Austria discussed with the owners the Filipino elements incorporated in the design of the restaurant like photos of Philippine street scenes that adorn one wall, abanico and walis tambo decors and Filipino-inspired interior lighting. These creative elements complement the mouth-watering Filipino comfort food that they offer such as pandesal sandwiches with longganisa, tapa and embutido, along with poutine-inspired loaded adobo and sinigang fries, Pinoy ice candy and exciting specials combining Filipino spaghetti and lumpia.

Consul General Austria congratulated Shameless Buns on the opening of its new restaurant and expressed appreciation for their efforts in promoting Filipino cuisine, ingredients and culture in Canada. END

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