PH Consulate General in Los Angeles, City of Bakersfield in California Explore Possible Areas of Cooperation in Education, Healthcare

call on mayor Goh Bakerfield grpd

(Left) Consul General Edgar B. Badajos exchanges views with City of Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh. (Right) The Philippine Consulate General’s delegation with Mayor Goh at the City Council Chamber (Photos from PCG LA)

LOS ANGELES, 19 July 2021 – Philippine Consul General to Los Angeles Edgar B. Badajos met with City of Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh to discuss the possible partnership between an educational institution in the Philippines and the California State University (CSU) in Bakersfield, on 13 August 2021 at the Mayor’s Office. The city is home to about 11,000 overseas Filipinos based on the latest US census.

During the call, the two officials also explored the prospects of hiring special education teachers and medical professionals from the Philippines given the plenitude of employment opportunities for these professions in Bakersfield.

“I assure you that our verbal agreements will be reported to the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs to connect your Office with the appropriate government institutions in the Philippines,” said Consul General assuring City of Bakersfield Mayor Goh.  He added, “I wish to take this opportunity to commend your leadership during the CoViD-19 pandemic, particularly in looking after the health, safety and welfare of over 11,000 Filipinos in your City.” END

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