PH Embassy in Cambodia Celebrates Buwan Ng Wika 2021

Phnom Penh Buwan ng Wika

PHNOM PENH 02 September 2021 – The Philippine Embassy in Cambodia and Sentro Rizal Phnom Penh celebrated Buwan ng Wika or National Language Month this August, and organized virtual activities to commemorate the occasion.

Salin sa Wikang Filipino translated common English phrases into the languages spoken all over the Philippines. The weekly activity featured the widely-spoken Tagalog language, Ilocano, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Maranao, and Chavacano. Translations were provided by members of the Filipino Community in Phnom Penh who hail from those regions.

For three consecutive Saturdays in August, the Embassy featured “Makinig at Makikwento”, a virtual storytelling event which featured original Filipino stories with English subtitles. Philippine Consul General to Phnom Penh Ms. Emma Sarne and Cordillerans in Cambodia’s  Ms. Jean Bomowey read in Filipino and Ilokano the well-loved stories and folktales “Araw sa Palengke'' by Augie Rivera;  “Alamat ng Ampalaya” by May Tobias-Papa; and “Istolyan Di Pagey” (Story of Rice) from the story compilation/research of Alma Toyoken.

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