Philippine Ambassador to Canada Promotes Credentials Recognition Advocacy with Montreal Officials

Advocacy with Montreal Officials 1

Ambassador Rodolfo Robles (center) met with federal Members of Parliament Anthony Housefather (2nd from right) and Annie Koutrakis (in yellow) in Montreal.

OTTAWA 02 September 2021 – Philippine Ambassador to Canada Rodolfo D. Robles on 30 August 2021 held separate meetings with federal and local officials of Montreal where he requested their support in his advocacy to recognize the academic credentials and work experience of Filipino immigrants earned outside of Canada.                   

The academic credentials of all immigrants to Canada are not recognized by provincial governments which have jurisdiction over the issue. This hurdle hinders the full contribution by immigrants, including Filipinos, to the development of their new communities in Canada. 

A significant number of Filipino immigrants to the province of Quebec have academic degrees in the medical and allied profession. Ambassador Robles is leading a coordinated effort by Philippine Posts in Canada to address the issue of credential recognition. END

Advocacy with Montreal Officials 2

Ambassador Rodolfo Robles visited Cote Saint Luc Town Hall to meet with Mayor Mitch Brownstein (extreme left, front row) and Hampstead Mayor William Steinberg (leftmost, second row), together with Darlington Councilor Lionel Perez (2nd from right, front row), Snowdon Councilor Marvin Rotrand (extreme right, front row), Pierrefonds Councilor Benoit Langevin (extreme right, second row), and Parc Extension Councilor Mary Deros (center, second row). The Philippine flag was raised to commemorate the visit.

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