DFA Brings Home 9th Batch of Distressed Overseas Filipinos from Myanmar

Yangon 1

Philippine Embassy in Yangon personnel assist a passenger in filling up forms. (Yangon PE photo)

YANGON 02 September 2021 – The Department of Foreign Affairs, through the Office of Migrant Workers’ Affairs and the Philippine Embassy in Myanmar, repatriated 25 distressed overseas Filipinos (including four minors) to the Philippines on 01 September 2021 via a sweeper flight that also repatriated Filipinos from Laos and Cambodia.

The repatriation flight was organized to help distressed Filipinos return home to the Philippines. The recent batch of repatriates were unable to travel due to unavailability of commercial flights as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Embassy also shouldered the cost of payment for the RT-PCR tests of eleven of the repatriates, as well as the overstay penalties of one Filipino who lost his job due to the pandemic. All adult repatriates were given a USD 200 one-time financial assistance.

The sweeper flight landed at the Mactan International Airport in Cebu at 3:15 PM (Philippine time) on the same date. This is the 21st flight facilitated by the Embassy since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the 9th for this year. END

Yangon 2

Embassy personnel fully clad in PPE facilitate an orderly check-in process for Filipino repatriates. (Yangon PE photo)

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