Statement of Ambassador Nathaniel Imperial on Filipino Community Event in Israel

04 January 2018 TEL AVIV — The Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv disclaims any involvement in the inappropriate videos and photos of a Christmas party in Israel, alleged by a vlogger who was neither present at the event nor based in Israel to have been organized by Embassy officials.

In the context of the work we do to protect and promote the welfare of Filipino workers in Israel, the Embassy finds such performances highly offensive, and the spread of unverified information deeply disturbing.

The event was a Christmas party, organized by three Filipino organizations in Haifa - a city in Israel an hour's drive from Tel Aviv, where the Embassy is located. The Embassy representatives to the event, Consul Reichel Quinones and Cultural Attache Geraldine Gamoso, were in Haifa that evening to attend two Christmas parties, both organized by Filipino Community groups. The Embassy representatives were unaware that the performance was part of the program, and left when the performances started.

The Embassy later called the attention of the organizers about the inappropriateness of the show, and has asked them to provide an explanation in writing.

The Embassy has since received complaints from Filipinos who attended the party, and we are taking action on those complaints now.

The Embassy had no hand in that Filipino Community event, and calls on everyone to assist in stopping the spread of fake news that may have a detrimental effect on the image of Filipinos in Israel. END