Statement: On Arrival of 97 Repatriates from Dubai

04 September 2018 – The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) will welcome home tomorrow the latest batch of Filipinos granted amnesty by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The latest batch of 97 repatriates will arrive at 8:45 a.m. on board Philippine Airlines Flight PR 659 from Dubai.

Consul General Paul Raymond Cortez said the 97 comprise the third batch of undocumented Filipinos from Dubai and the Northern Emirates who took advantage of the amnesty program of the UAE.

The DFA, through the Office of Migrant Workers Affairs, shouldered the exit fines and other penalties, airline tickets to Manila and to the respective provinces of the repatriates. The DFA will also provide financial assistance of P5,000.00 each upon arrival in Manila.

Consul General Cortes said the Consulate General continues to encourage qualified FIlipinos to avail themselves of the program. He assured undocumented Filipinos in the UAE that the Consulate General and the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi are ready to assist all those who wish to return to the Philippines under this program. END