On the Return of the Balangiga Bells


15 November 2018 — After 117 years, the bells of Balangiga will be coming home. This morning the Government of the United States announced it would be returning the historic bells to the Philippines. The Philippine Government and the Filipino people appreciate this gesture. Today is a time of solemn remembrance as we pay tribute to all those who gave up their lives during the Filipino-American War. We also honor the shared sacrifice of Filipinos and Americans who fought shoulder to shoulder during the Second World War. We are grateful for the efforts of the executive and legislative branches of the United States Government, most especially Secretary of Defense James Mattis and US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley as well as concerned Filipino and American friends led by Hank Hendrickson, Dennis Wright, Henry Howard, Dan McKinnon and others from the US-Philippines Society who worked together over the years to bring the bells back home. END