Public Advisory: DFA Reports 40 Countries Have Relaxed Inbound Travel Restrictions

PASAY CITY 02 August 2020 – This week, the DFA reports that 40 countries have relaxed their inbound travel restrictions to allow foreign travelers, subject to strict medical restrictions and other protocols imposed by the respective governments. These countries and territories include the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, French Polynesia, New Macedonia, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, and Sudan.

On the other hand, 55 countries/territories still do not allow entry into their borders.

Meanwhile, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Marshall Islands, Sri Lanka, and Guyana now allow entry exemptions to Filipinos who are dual citizens of the destination country and/or returning residents, OFWs with work visas and contracts, diplomatic or UN passport holders, and government officials going to post or on official travels.

In addition, 146 countries now allow Filipinos to return to the Philippines, subject to flight availability and other special arrangements. This development has contributed to the successful DFA-facilitated and funded repatriations of more than 115,000 Overseas Filipinos since February 2020.

With more and more countries easing their inbound and outbound travel restrictions, the DFA continues to advise the public to always check ahead of travel dates with the airlines that will be used as well as with relevant Embassies or Consulates before departure or before booking a ticket. END

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